Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take an armchair safari…

A nice way to feed the need for foreign travel.  Find a site and leave it on while you’re doing something useful and something interesting just may turn up.

Several cameras in Southern Africa:
Djumo Water Hole cam in Botswana:
Our favorite is Tembe.   Best viewing is in summer (their winter) during the dry season.    Our morning is their afternoon. (they are 6 hours ahead)

South America:  Hummingbird/Bird feeder cams in  Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina
North America   An assortment of bird/nest cams.  Some in Europe,  Australia.  A couple I like are: 
(Thanks to Patty for these) and
Australia   This one is really nice.  I’m viewing it in March and seeing Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulfur-crested Cockatoos.  View full screen at night for Aussie daytime. 

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